What to expect

Happiness arises when you are true to your inner self. It is a state of being, and it is persistent when you act in accordance with your virtues. Yes, you have virtues. That’s why you relate to superheroes, how you identify people you appreciate, and what makes you all giddy inside when you perform acts of kindness and love. There is a way to feel that giddy all the time!


Imagine that you couldn’t wait to call a loved one and say “I am blissfully happy and there’s nothing I can do about it!” I have lived that experience. There is a level of bliss beyond human comprehension, so intense it can only be known through experience. Some call it satori, others nirvana, and still others enlightenment. I like the term enlightenment, because life becomes weightless when you remove all the excess burdens. That state of being, that blissful existence, can be your normal.


Though our company is The Inner Buddha, we do not teach Buddhism as it is commonly practiced. The Inner Buddha refers to the one within who is your guide. You two will bond intimately within this journey, realizing a love for each other that encompasses the entirety of heart and soul. You will come to regard all beings with compassion and understanding. On this journey, you will eradicate most every stress from your life.


We begin the path with an honest review of you... as seen by you! We meet your eager and loving guide, and then learn the fundamental reasons that people aren't already fully aligned with their inner virtues. From there we explore willpower, discovering the origin of unshakable will so that we can be authentic. We explore beliefs and how they shape our lives, and we learn to realign those that don't support us... the ones we see are false or incomplete. Last, we examine life's mythteries... monolithic towers of untruth to which we've been chained... and we blast them to smithereens! 


Hmmm... I suppose I should have mentioned that this isn't the dry or arduous journey commonly found in self-help books. It's fun, engaging, exciting, and invigorating. Did you really think becoming your greatest self would be anything less than a fabulous journey? Anyway, back to the path.


As we break through life's mythteries, we come to know who we are. We realize love in the world we never recognized before. We see how we're supported, and we marvel as synchronicities begin to occur with regularity. Mythteries are wonderful structures to obliterate, because they tend to take each other out.


We heal as we align, for we can see and tackle our fears with confidence; eventually, we realize that the barriers that once held us firm are no longer. We feel freedom, stress dissolves, and the blissful undertones of life shine through. Then, as we continue upon the path, our purpose becomes apparent and we embrace a glorious future. It's the life of perfect happiness. The path is clear; the only question is this... how committed are you to your invalid beliefs? The journey can be effervescent if you're willing to heal and ready to love.

Navigating the articles

Our content has been specially designed to streamline your success. It is important to explore new beliefs sufficiently to understand them, so that they can be committed as your new truth, replacing any prior misconceptions. You will want to watch for the following distinct content markers that relate to important knowledge:

This is an alternate definition, a new belief!Enhance your limited beliefs with greatness by following these symbols. Like the yin and yang, the definitions of our words require both halves to be complete. Common interpretations often lack vital elements. Because we understand and interpret our reality using language, the realignment of an essential term can have a profound effect. Review and commit each new definition to memory and use it to interpret the text. If you find the new perspective intriguing, take a moment to ponder what you have learned.

Explore your wisdom with this activityThis is an activity icon! When we're looking at valuable concepts, we'll often suggest methods you can use to directly engage your virtues. Have fun, be amazed... drive your emotions and enjoy the high as you partake of this exploration. When an emotion coincides with an event, we gain a memory. Positive emotions tied with healthful events create lasting healing. They have impact in both the soul and behaviour. These activities are a key to successfully transitioning from old habits into being your greatest self.

It's time to record wisdom in your Enhanced Personal Journal.Your Enhanced Personal Journal contains a summary of wisdom you will use to rapidly excel as you move into being your greatest self. Following the section on Dragonfallers, there are pages upon which you record insights and discoveries, engage in activities, and document the joys and changes you experience. When you see this icon, it indicates that it's time to document. Instruction following the icon summarizes wisdom you may wish to consider. Also take the time to ponder for yourself, the knowledge you wish to record.

This is a dragonfaller! Use them to defeat your greatest challenges.Some realizations are so profound that they have healing effects throughout your entire life; these are termed dragonfallers. They include techniques for obliterating destructive mind patterns, tools for empowerment, methods to dissolve pain, and several means by which to shield from emotional harm. Dragonfallers are treasures of the spiritual world; collect them all, document them in your journal, and become proficient in using their power.

Gearing up

You can get started with as little as a sheet of paper, a pen, and an open mind. The worksheets you need for initial exercises are easy to create. All instructions you need to begin your journey are here, as is the essential guidance to help you excel. As you progress, you will begin to see value in upgrading your toolset. The website contains the guide to knowing your genuine self, the secret to leveraging willpower, and many delightful explorations that obliterate myths of our society. They will get you well on your way to healing. Additional content is located in our Enlightening Strikes book series. You may purchase these tools here to fast-track your journey, or after you've come to know your self through this website and are comfortable with our teaching style.