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There is a near limitless amount of content which can be covered, so it is helpful to know what people wish to learn about. If you have a topic of interest, we are all ears! Though we cannot respond to all requests, we do read them. If we can share insights regarding topics you suggest, you may just see a new article or guru session.


To involve Chris T in your podcast, audiocast, seminar, or media session, request time and detail your objective in this form. We do our best to accomodate live discussion, and also provide video recordings as needed. High-resolution videos are recorded following consultation, with content provided through a download link.

on personal growth

Please do not request personal advice. Our guidebooks and services help you Be Your Greatest Self and Redivine Life. Overcome personal hurdles and be empowered by lessons Be Your Greatest Self. Introspectively explore this content and whole-heartedly engage, performing the activities each time. Read the guide several times, until the wisdom integrates and unconditional love becomes your way.


Proceed to Redivine Life when content in Be Your Greatest Self shifts from profound to comfortable. Engage likewise with this advanced guide. In as much as you embrace your new wisdom, you'll claim the whole sum of wholesome. Wholeness, synergy, and empowerment will be yours.

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