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Be Your Greatest Self

Cure the mind that

won't quiet

Does your mind constantly chatter? Many guides advocate temporary solutions. Claim the enduring one instead.

Overcome addiction with

love instead of force

It seems we should reject addictions to overcome them, but this hard and rarely works. There is a better way.

Unconditional love is easy when the way is clear

Great guides told us to embrace our love of All That Is. This life-changing five minute miracle reveals how we do this.

Redivine Life

Infinitely wholesome and everlasting marriage

Ancients knew how to make every goodness infinitely pure and everlasting. We apply this wisdom to marriage here. 

Practicing the art of

faith healing

Since the dawn of time, people healed both body and spirit with the wholesome word of God. Learn how and why this works.

The forelife, afterlife, and reincarnation

You are an infinite being, and the end of existence so many fear is the myth. View foundational details of this truth.

Redivine Life is the second guidebook in the Enlightening Strikes series. It builds on wisdom revealed in book 1, Be Your Greatest Self. Read the guidebooks in order for rapid and easy advancement, and include the Enhanced Personal Journal to optimize success.